Friday, 3 January 2014

Homemade chips

Following my New Years resolution and all, I making homemade chips, I love chips and making them yourselves instead of buying the supermarket frozen chips, will save you a couple of calories, bonus. Homemade chips are low in fat and oils, you can add spices, herbs and make them even healthy buy trying different vegetables such as sweet potato, kale, parsnips, the list is endless.

Here is a step to step guide to making these bad boys, enjoy! 

New year, new start.

It's a new year, a fresh clean sheet to fill up with lots of memories or whatever they say. I haven't blogged in over a year, shameful I hear you say. Well yes it is very shameful.

My New Years resolutions this year are, firstly to blog more so that solves that problem and secondly to have a year of "firsts" and do things I have never done before. Let's start the year. 

I could start with explaining everything that happened last year, but that year has past and gone, I will though show you some of my favorite photos.  


Saturday, 11 February 2012



Its not long until Valentines Day and like a little kid i'm very excited. 
I've been with my boyfriend for nearly three years now, and i still can't break him to find out what he's getting me for the day. 
Sadly i'm working all day on tuesday, so ill be excited to get out. 
I'm not a girl who wants loads on Valentines Day, some flowers and sweets will do me fine. 

Whats everyone else planning for the day?



The first thing i've got to say is sorry, i have been a bad blogger. Sadly i brought an ipad a couple of months ago when my laptop broke, thinking it would be great for blogging. I was very wrong..
Does anyone know any tricks to using blogspot on a ipad?
I've been waiting all week for my boyfriends sister to kindly let me use her laptop. 
So here comes a couple of post at once. 

Sorry ladies. 


Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I actually L.O.V.E my converse, and i think every girl should own a pair or two, maybe even three. 
Sadly these converse are not mine, there my boyfriends sisters, and one of my close friends, they are truly beautiful. 


I've had a little mental block this past week, and decided not to post anything. I've been searching for inspiration, i came across this website called, Its great, i could easily spend hours looking at all the beautiful imagines. 

Lets hope these give me inspiration. Fingers crossed.